Thursday, October 8, 2009

this is not what I signed up for

Greetings, from Bamako!

So Peace Corps Guinea has been “consolidated” (pretty much evacuated) to Mali. The situation in Guinea is, well, not good, despite how safe I felt at site. The Friends of Guinea blog has been doing a pretty good job of explaining what’s been going on.

There are so many questions that have no answers yet. For example:

  • How long will we stay in Mali? – No one knows, maybe two to four weeks
  • Will we go back to Guinea soon? – Possible, but unlikely
  • Will I come back to America and then go back to Guinea after it settles? – Maybe
  • Will I go straight to another country and serve there? – Maybe
  • Will I come back to America and wait and then go to another country? – Maybe
  • Will I come back to America and just be done with the Peace Corps? – Maybe

All I know is that my site and my job were absolutely perfect for me. I was teaching chemistry. I was gaining fluency in French. I had a frickin’ hot pink house. And then it was all taken away. I didn’t even get to teach a single day at my school.

I am not hopeful that we will return to Guinea, nor am I hopeful that anything else the Peace Corps offers me will be nearly as good as what I had in Gueckedou. But I also don’t feel ready to come back home. I’m in a really hard place right now, and figuring out what I’m going to do will be difficult. Plus it's really hot here.

But not everything is bad. At the Peace Corps training compound where we’re staying at in Bamako, we get pancakes every morning. Pancakes?! That’s right, pancakes. With syrup and everything.

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  1. phil i miss you. glad to hear you are alive and enjoying pancakes.
    -nate c